Poetry by Elisa

We had a meeting with Elisa’s ‘MG’ teachers today, and of course, she’s doing great. They sent us home with her poetry folder, and we’d like to share two of our favorites with you: What is Confused? by Elisa Macera Confused is Sky Blue The blue of nature Confused is when you don’t know what […]

Softball – First Game

The first Softball game for Elisa was on Tuesday, April 14. While the first half of the season was to get the girls acclimated to the game, and go easy on the players, The Purple Pandas didn’t go easy on the BlueBerry Muffins (and who would with a name like that  🙂 ).  The Pandas […]

PAA Softball Opening Ceremony

A few days ago, it was in the high 80’s, but this morning, for PAA Softball’s opening ceremonies, it was only in the 40’s, and windy. That didn’t stop the girls from having fun and enjoying the festivities.  Led by the Phillie Phanatic and the Trenton Thunder’s Boomer, the teams paraded onto the field to […]

Elisa’s Sleep Study

Last night, Elisa had her sleep study done at a branch of CHOP in King of Prussia. She’s been having pains in her leg(s) for a while, and we wanted to make sure she didn’t have her Mom’s ‘restless legs.’ The test went well, and like all the rest of the tests that Elisa takes, […]

PA Softball Tournament

On Saturday, Elisa participated in a PA Softball Tournament near Lake Wallenpaupack. She had lots of fun, but their team competed against some very strong teams (they even had the girls’ names on the uniforms 🙂 ) The teams, and the rules, were very aggressive, but the Pennsbury Orange Crush fought a valiant fight!  They […]

Softball Season ’09

Elisa has really enjoyed softball this spring … though many practices & games were canceled due to rain. Her season ended this weekend, but she will be participating in a U8 Tournament on the 26th, so she’ll have a few more practices & games to enjoy this season.

Elisa’s 8th Birthday Party

A day late, due to illness, but no less fun, Elisa’s birthday party (with friends) was held on her birthday this year.  As usual, a great time was had by all.  The theme this year was “T-Shirt Design, Inc., 8th Annual Design Workshop.” All the attendees decorated their own t-shirts, and even made their own […]