Edgewood Vocal & Band Concert

Dance, music, she does it all! Along with the year-end Dance Recital, Gabriella had her 5th grade Chorus performance and Band Concert this month too. She lead the vocal concert off with some metallophone accompaniment and played her trumpet in a solo quartet to the Russian Sailors Dance.

Dance Recital, 2010

Another year has gone by, the girls are older, taller, and more mature, as you can see in the photos. They had their annual Dance Recital at Villa Victoria for their dance school, the Dance Arts of Yardley. Each performed in two dances: Elisa in “You Belong with Me” (ballet) & “Don’t Stop” (jazz). Gabriella […]

Garden Prep … 2010

Last year our garden was ravaged by a ground hog who devoured our sprouts, beans and zucchini, probably because we started composting, and it was used to a constant supply of food.  This year, we’re hoping for a different outcome!  Papa has constructed a new compost bin (recycled from the girls old play set) and […]

Poetry by Elisa

We had a meeting with Elisa’s ‘MG’ teachers today, and of course, she’s doing great. They sent us home with her poetry folder, and we’d like to share two of our favorites with you: What is Confused? by Elisa Macera Confused is Sky Blue The blue of nature Confused is when you don’t know what […]

Race for the Cure (part II)

Today, Gabriella, her Mom, and a small group from school, ran in Philly’s Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. As you already know, a classmate of Gabriella’s, Katelyn, lost her mother to breast cancer this year, and Gabriella was very committed in showing her support for her, and the cause, by running this race.  […]

Boston Tea Party

On Friday, May 7, Gabriella’s class performed a short play about the Boston Tea Party – for all you Belgians, it was an important event in the history of our country. Gabriella played the role of Honor Turner (a fictional character as far as I can make out). Who, along with a group of woman, […]