Merry Christmas to All!

Santa treated us to another wonderful Christmas morning, though Mama and I would have preferred to sleep a little longer 🙂 He ‘showered’ us with more presents than we asked for … even Kuzco was ecstatic with his gift. We wish for everyone to be as blessed as we are, and that 2010 brings love […]

Belgium Trip: Part 2

So the first post was all about family, but this one is all about photos.  Well, I guess the first one was all about photos too 🙂 Here are more pics of our trip.  Though it rained most of the time, there were some photo ops.

Belgium Trip

Well, after not seeing to Belgium for almost 2 years, the family returned to the Land of Chocolate this November.  Despite it being the rainiest November in recorded history, we had a great time visiting family and friends.  We spent a day in an indoor water park, and a day horseback riding with Opa, but […]