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Music Recital | April 18, 2010

On Sunday, Joke, and her piano students, as well as Gabriella, gave their annual recital for parents & grandparents. Everyone did an excellent job and it was a great performance by all. The “after party” was just as enjoyable. View … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking

No, not the real Stephen Hawking, but the Turtle version.  Stephen is the school pet for the girls MG class, and every weekend, some lucky child, and his/her parents, get the opportunity of taking him home. He’s a 3-legged turtle, … Continue reading

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Father & Son

I know this site is mostly about “the girls” but this one is about the Macera Men. Papa and Nonno pose in front of the wisteria tree/vine that they planted soon after we moved into our house here in Yardley. … Continue reading

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Aid For Friends

Today, the girls and I, plus a group of fellow UUFLB congregationalists, spent a few hours helping the Aid For Friends‘ mission in Philadelphia. Papa helped slice up a dozen boned turkeys, while the girls helped portion out fruit, pasta … Continue reading

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Softball – First Game

The first Softball game for Elisa was on Tuesday, April 14. While the first half of the season was to get the girls acclimated to the game, and go easy on the players, The Purple Pandas didn’t go easy on … Continue reading

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Penn TKD Promotion Test / 4.11.10

Yesterday, Mama & Papa had a promotion test for the students in the Penn Tae Kwon Do Club.  Thanks to Elisa, Gabriella and some of the students, we actually have some pictures to show from this event.  Everyone tried very … Continue reading

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PAA Softball Opening Ceremony

A few days ago, it was in the high 80’s, but this morning, for PAA Softball’s opening ceremonies, it was only in the 40’s, and windy. That didn’t stop the girls from having fun and enjoying the festivities.  Led by … Continue reading

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Easter Morning, 2010

We had to drag Elisa out of bed so we could go search for eggs this morning.  The girls had a successful search, but a few slugs had found the eggs before them.  They had to have Mama help open … Continue reading

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Elisa’s Sleep Study

Last night, Elisa had her sleep study done at a branch of CHOP in King of Prussia. She’s been having pains in her leg(s) for a while, and we wanted to make sure she didn’t have her Mom’s ‘restless legs.’ … Continue reading

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