Mama Does It Again

This morning (after getting up at 5am), Mama entered her 3rd triathlon (second Olympic distance).  Despite another super hot & humid race day and not being able to prepare as hard this year, she still kicked butt, and finished in 2:56:03. That’s 1 mile swimming, 25 miles biking, and a 10k run … not bad! […]

Adventures Through Disney

Once again, Gabriella attended a local Children’s Musical Theater camp, but this year, Elisa was old enough to join her. If you know Gabriella & Elisa, you know ‘drama’ is their forte 🙂 , and this year the director acknowledged Gabriella’s “star quality” and gave her one of the leading roles … Sneezy! Elisa enjoyed […]

July Stuff

Had some photos lying around and thought I’d take a second to post. The first set is some shots of the new fire pit: The next are some shots of hiking & biking in Yardley (along the canal, and at Tyler State Park): This last set is of the girls doing a trail ride in […]

July 4th & Elena Grace Macera

Well, we now have another Macera birthday to celebrate around the 4th of July! Not only will we be celebrating Gabriella’s but we’ll be celebrating her cousin’s, born three days earlier (and 11 years later). Elena Grace Macera was introduced to the family (and subsequently to Uncle Felice’s camera) on Sunday.