First Half of 2012 Mash-Up

Well it’s been a long time since we’ve posted to the “Macera’s page,” but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening in the past six months. Quite the opposite … it’s been an event-filled first half of 2012 with no time left to post. Since we’re seeing off the girls today for a 3 week […]

The Forgotten Pics

Looks like I forgot a few pictures from the girls’ trip to Belgium. Here are more from Elisa’s camera.

Pics from the Girls’ Trip to Belgium

The girls flew “unattended” to Belgium on June 18th and stayed with family until Joke met up with them on July 3rd. They were treated royally by everyone, had a great time with family and enjoyed a lot of quality time with their cousins!  Below are some pics of their trip.

Entertaining Movie

Another short film by Macera Movie Productions 🙂 Get the Flash Player to see this video.

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for the girls, and the first day of Middle School for Gabriella. To say she was nervous would be an understatement! She got herself up at 6:40am and without any caffeine, was shaking at the breakfast table. Unfortunately, the school has no air conditioning, and it was a […]

The ZOO with Zia & Nonno

On Friday, Zia (Rosaria) took the girls to the Philadelphia Zoo with Nonno, in celebration of his 81st birthday. The goal was to ride in the Channel 6 Balloon as well as ride the camels. Unfortunately, it was too windy for the balloon, and Nonno’s hip’s couldn’t get around the Camel’s back, but Zia & […]

Adventures Through Disney

Once again, Gabriella attended a local Children’s Musical Theater camp, but this year, Elisa was old enough to join her. If you know Gabriella & Elisa, you know ‘drama’ is their forte 🙂 , and this year the director acknowledged Gabriella’s “star quality” and gave her one of the leading roles … Sneezy! Elisa enjoyed […]

Dad’s Day with His Girls

This Father’s Day, Papa was treated with a gift that might seem strange to most Dad’s, a DAY of WORK. They helped him make progress on a project that has been dragging on for a while – the posts to the new pergola have been set! We all slaved in the 90 degree weather to […]

School’s Out for the Summer

The first day of summer was the last day of school for the girls, and the last day of Elementary school for Gabriella.  She moves on to Middle School next year and we’re all ‘anticipating’ that new stage in our lives 🙂  Of course, both Elisa & Gabriella graduated with ‘honors,’ receiving the “Principle’s Award” […]

Birthday Celebrations

The beginning of summer is a busy time in the Macera family … lots of birthdays within weeks of each other. Nonna’s birthday is at the end of May, and Papa’s & Uncle Sal’s the beginning of June, and let’s not forget Elisa’s birthday, just a few days later!  So rather than creating several posts, […]