Ocean City Vacation 2011 #1

This past week was our first week of two that we plan to spend down the Jersey Shore this summer. It started with a dinner for Nonno, turning 82 on Sunday (we had a family party the week before that Gabriella made an awesome lemon cake for). The highlight of the week was para-sailing on Monday that Zia treated the girls to, and then Mama surprised Papa with a ride for their 13th anniversary.  That evening, Mama & Papa had an fantastic meal at Domenico’s in Ventnor, NJ.

The ocean water was so warm and calm … the girls loved it!  Papa wanted to ride some waves, but when they finally arrived on Thursday, the water was too rough for buggy boards, and even too rough to swim.  On our last day, Friday, the waves were gnarly and Papa didn’t come out until his eyes were burning from the salt water.  Elisa spent some time with her new skim board, and was pretty good by the end of the week – next time, she’ll be flying into the surf.  We also spent some time playing tennis (to work on the groundwork that Lucas laid) and rode our bikes for a few miles, highlighted with a trip to Crazy Susan’s.

In a few weeks, we’re looking forward to “Ocean City Vacation #2” when we’ll hook-up with our friends the Fabians.

Gabriella, Zia & Elisa para-sailingGabriella, Zia & Elisa para-sailingGabriella, Zia & Elisa para-sailingGabriella, Zia & Elisa TAKE OFF - para-sailingGabriella para-sailing

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