Christmas 2011

Savor the Holidays

They won't last forever!
It came! It came, just the same! All the Maceras in Yardley, the tall and the small, were singing 🙂
Christmas family portrait, 2011Elisa, Oma & GabriellaChristmas Sisters 2011
Girls with Nonno, Nonna & ZiaAfter a lovely Christmas Eve dinner at Nonna’s  (where most of us enjoyed 7 fishes), the family awoke this morning to a tree, still standing, with  lots of presents below it.  Papa had a great time tricking the girls into thinking that they didn’t get the Nook they wanted, by having Mama give him one, and the girls two huge, heavy, boxes.  After they watched Papa open his Nook, they just assumed their large boxes were something else, and when they first opened them, they only saw a couple pairs of old shoes. Practically in tears, they looked deeper to find their own Nooks, and much screaming ensued!!!

Needless to say, Papa spent the next 5 hours working as tech support, since he couldn’t just give them a normal Nook, but dual-booted it with Android Gingerbread (Cyanogenmod 7, for all you geeks out there :)  ).  After some prodding from Mama, he finally got around to set them up as eBook readers … yeh, that’s why we got them 🙂

But, the best present of all, was to be together, healthy and happy.  Mama and Papa’s best presents were two that were over 10, and 12 years old, but only get better with age!!!!
Mama & Papa's presents under the tree

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