Halloween 2012

Happy PumpkinAs we ride out Hurricane Sandy, and while the power is still on, I thought I would use my time constructively to post some Halloween photos, even if it is still 2 days away. Though we went pumpkin picking weeks ago (at None Such Farm) and we’ve had pumpkins in our garden since July, ‘we’ finally got around to carving them this weekend.  One of our small pumpkins from the garden, Papa carved to decorate Mama’s humus tray that we brought to our friends’, the Rennenbergs, party on Saturday.  He carved two others, one happy and one ‘spooky’ and their guts, Mama made into soup.  On Saturday evening, we put our costumes on for the party, and snapped a few quick pics. Mama, and Gabriella, out-did themselves in creating Gabriella’s “Belle” costume, and did a great job pulling Elisa’s costume together as well.  Papa, on the other hand, whipped his together that afternoon, but gets credit for wearing red long johns to the party. Mama glued on her face and regrets being so liberal with the adhesive, which took longer to remove than put on.  There are more pumpkins to carve, but we’ll do that when the power goes out and Armageddon is in full swing … we’ll post those pictures when we’re back on the ‘grid.’

Stary PumpkinSpooky Pumpkin Humus Puke Pumpkin Gabriella Bella Elisa ... cute as a Bee! Angry Old Bird Get this woman some COFFEE!

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