Joke & Felice’s Anniversary

Joke & Felice on the Tumbling Waters TrailJoke and I celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary with a 3 day trip to the Delaware Water Gap … all thanks to Zia for entertaining (REALLY!) the girls while we were away.  The B&B we stayed in was peaceful, especially the hot tub, but the owner was a little “weird.”  We hiked all 3 days, and the PA humidity was rough, as were some of the hikes, but all were beautiful and scenic.  Who would have thought something so close to home would offer so many scenic hikes.

I, of course, lugged my camera & gear on every hike and below are some of the many shots I took.  We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed seeing it live, in all it’s splendor!

Look for more in October, when we plan to return with the girls to experiences these beautiful views painted in Fall Colors.

Bushkill Falls 1Bushkill Falls 2Bushkill Falls 3Bushkill Falls 4Bushkill Falls 5Bushkill Falls 6Bushkill Falls 7Bushkill Falls 8Bushkill Falls 9Bushkill Falls 10Bushkill Falls 11Tumbling Waters 1Tumbling Waters 2Tumbling Waters 3Tumbling Waters 4Tumbling Waters 5Tumbling Waters 6Dingman's Falls 1Dingman's Falls 2SantoshaDunnfield Trail 1Dunnfield Trail 2Dunnfield Trail 3Dunnfield Trail 4Appalachian Trail

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