Mama Does It Again

This morning (after getting up at 5am), Mama entered her 3rd triathlon (second Olympic distance).  Despite another super hot & humid race day and not being able to prepare as hard this year, she still kicked butt, and finished in 2:56:03. That’s 1 mile swimming, 25 miles biking, and a 10k run … not bad! […]

Music Recital | April 18, 2010

On Sunday, Joke, and her piano students, as well as Gabriella, gave their annual recital for parents & grandparents. Everyone did an excellent job and it was a great performance by all. The “after party” was just as enjoyable. View videos of Elisa & Gabriella performing: Elisa playing the piano Gabriella playing the guitar  

Joke: New Jersey State Triathlon

This year, Joke decided to move up from a sprint triathlon, which she did last year, to an Olympic triathlon at Mercer Lake, NJ.  She trained for several months, often waking at 6am, to train before the girls, and her husband, woke. This year she had a sweet set of wheels to help her along. […]