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One of three baby robins in the rose bush.Well, last post was about Spring, and now we’re well into Summer and we have not posted anything, which is not to say that nothing has been happening! The end of the school year for the girls was filled with softball, horseback riding, dance and music which kept us all running around. Add to that weekends working in Ocean City on our house, and weekend church activities, and there hasn’t been much time to post to the web site. Papa’s been working hard doing plumbing, electrical and carpentry work in both houses, so hasn’t had any free time to post, but now that the girls are in Belgium and Mama is in the UK, he doesn’t have any excuses. Even the robins that nested in Mama’s roses have “flew the coop.”


Both Gabriella & Elisa played softball this spring (when the weather cooperated) but Gabriella choose not to finish the season. Here are a few pics of Elisa.

Elisa pitching in the final game of the season Elisa makes a play at first.


The girls started last fall in two dance classes each, but both dropped one – which gave more time for horses, and babysitting jobs. Papa didn’t do such a great job getting pics of the performances, but a fuzzy pic is better than none 🙂

Gabriella dance recital 2011 Gabriella dance portrait 2011 Gabriella dance portrait 2011

Elisa dance recital 2011Elisa dance portrait 2011Elisa dance portrait 2011


Elisa started the oboe this year and really took to it while still devoted to the piano.  Though she started by sounding a little “duck-like” after she switched to a real reed, and countless hours of practice, she now has a beautiful tone.  Gabriella has been continuing the trumpet, and doing so well, she’s taking private lessons in hopes to make the ‘elite’ jazz ensemble next fall. She is also continuing the guitar and has a renewed interest now that we purchased a cool old electric guitar at a garage sale.

Elisa playing the oboe in the Edgewood band, 2011Elisa playing the oboe in the Edgewood band, 2011Elisa in the Edgewood band, 2011

Gabriella & Sylvia in the Charles Boehm Band, 2011Gabriella in the Charles Boehm Band, 2011


The family has become very involved in our new church (UUFLB), with Mama working with the music and teaching the youth, and Papa helping with the “Welcoming” committee (for LGBTQ issues), the tech committee and now the Board.  Everyone tries to get involved in the outreach efforts, and especially enjoy working in the kitchen for Aid for Friends. We all had a great time at the New Hope Pride Parade this year … we are very proud of our daughters’ social activism!

Gabriella, Mama & Elisa @ Aid for FriendsElisa @ Aid for Friends

The kids lead the group at the Pride ParadeSitting on some beast after the Pride ParadeWe make a new friend at the Pride Parade

Ocean City House:

We’ve been spending lots of time at our house at the beach (even if Papa spends most of the time slaving over one project after another), but this past weekend all the projects came to an end. The house is now ready for renters (and us), and not a moment too soon since the day Mama & Papa left, a last minute rental came in.  Among the many things Papa is happy to have accomplished are; new wiring & installation of ceiling fans in every room; a closet to stow away our clutter; new bathroom fans and lights; an outdoor shed; various painting projects (including Elisa’s bedroom); an new mirror to match Gabriella’s room; and the pièce de résistance, a NEW outdoor shower.

New mirror in Gabriella's roomGabriella's roomNew closetNew closet (open)

2710 Asbury shower BEFORE2710 Asbury shower AFTER

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