First Half of 2012 Mash-Up

Well it’s been a long time since we’ve posted to the “Macera’s page,” but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening in the past six months. Quite the opposite … it’s been an event-filled first half of 2012 with no time left to post. Since we’re seeing off the girls today for a 3 week […]

Beautiful, “Beautiful”

On Sunday, Gabriella sang a wonderful version of Beautiful [ watch Christina Aguilera version ] to help support our church’s service on Transgender issues.  This is a wonderful song, with a powerful message, that stirs emotions in everyone.  Of course, we’re proud of our daughter’s performance, but even more proud, that our daughters get the […]

Entertaining Movie

Another short film by Macera Movie Productions 🙂 Get the Flash Player to see this video.

Long Overdue Post

Well, last post was about Spring, and now we’re well into Summer and we have not posted anything, which is not to say that nothing has been happening! The end of the school year for the girls was filled with softball, horseback riding, dance and music which kept us all running around. Add to that […]

Spring has Sprung

Spring was welcomed in this weekend with some beautiful weather and a very busy itinerary! Elisa & Papa spent a sweaty afternoon going through some softball drills while Gabriella spent the afternoon with her classmates, and Sylvia’s new dog, Rosie.  On Saturday morning, the girls attended their softball evaluations, and did really well.  Gabriella did […]

Pumpkins in AUGUST!

In August you say? Well, we thought they were stray zucchini plants growing in our garden this spring, so we let them grow … and grow is what they did! There were about 4 plants originally, but one soon showed his dominance, and was soon 10 feet long. In an effort to contain it, Papa […]

Adventures Through Disney

Once again, Gabriella attended a local Children’s Musical Theater camp, but this year, Elisa was old enough to join her. If you know Gabriella & Elisa, you know ‘drama’ is their forte 🙂 , and this year the director acknowledged Gabriella’s “star quality” and gave her one of the leading roles … Sneezy! Elisa enjoyed […]

School’s Out for the Summer

The first day of summer was the last day of school for the girls, and the last day of Elementary school for Gabriella.  She moves on to Middle School next year and we’re all ‘anticipating’ that new stage in our lives 🙂  Of course, both Elisa & Gabriella graduated with ‘honors,’ receiving the “Principle’s Award” […]

Edgewood Vocal & Band Concert

Dance, music, she does it all! Along with the year-end Dance Recital, Gabriella had her 5th grade Chorus performance and Band Concert this month too. She lead the vocal concert off with some metallophone accompaniment and played her trumpet in a solo quartet to the Russian Sailors Dance.

Dance Recital, 2010

Another year has gone by, the girls are older, taller, and more mature, as you can see in the photos. They had their annual Dance Recital at Villa Victoria for their dance school, the Dance Arts of Yardley. Each performed in two dances: Elisa in “You Belong with Me” (ballet) & “Don’t Stop” (jazz). Gabriella […]