Another Fall in Ocean City

Papa & the Girls at Corsons InletFall has come to OC, but you wouldn’t tell by the fact that we spent the day in the water yesterday, and today walking along the water in Corsons Inlet in t-shirts. The water temp is still about 70° so Papa had fun boogie-boarding, and running around with his new best friend Hazen, as well as playing freeze-tag with Charlotte, Hazen & Elisa. Today it was cooler, but still sunny, so instead of going to the beach, we opted for a walk through Corson Inlet’s park, onto the beach where tons of men & 4×4’s were hangin out, fishing. Papa’s planning to outfit the truck, and come back for some Striper fishing in October & November while Gabriella has plans to expand “Gabby’s Goodies” to cater to the cold fisherman with hot chocolate & desserts from “Gabby’s Goodies to Go” … look for her at a cold-weather event near you soon 🙂


Corsons Inlet trailCorsons Inlet flowersCorsons Inlet BulrushesCorsons Inlet BulrushesCorsons Inlet Beach


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