Snow, and Other Scary Things

Hey, it’s not even Halloween and we got our first snow fall of the season. On Saturday it we had almost 3 inches of wet, heavy snow. Papa & the girls went out to shake the trees and had a brief snowball fight. Papa ran for cover now that Elisa’s softball training is showing 🙁

First Snow, 2011 / Halloween decorations First Snow, 2011 / front tree First Snow, 2011 / Pergola First Snow, 2011 / Trampoline

But wait you say, “what about Halloween?”  Well the Maceras celebrated in traditional style.  Starting with Elisa’s “Haunted House” project for school.  This year, Elisa put a new spin on the project by designing a Haunted TREE House (not to be confused the the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror) with realistic faux wood grain and it’s own scary inhabitant (some wood boring insect).  Since the house was ‘infested’ Papa had to photograph it at school, since Mama refuses to have it return to our house.

Elisa's Tree House Elisa's Tree House faux wood grain Elisa's Tree House restless bones

Back home, Papa carved the pumpkins, including one “fairytale” pumpkin that spontaneously grew from our compost pile in July! Of course we dumped the seeds back in the pile, so we’ll see if the Great Pumpkin returns again next year 🙂

Great Pumpkin, with Gabriella for sizePumpkin Still LifePumpkin Juicey CenterPumpkin Still LifePapa's PumpkinElisa's PumpkinGabriella's PumpkinCinderella's Pumpkin

And then there is the real scary part … the costumes! Once again, Mama invested a few hours making the girls’ costumes with a little technical assistance from Papa. Though Gabriella planned to have a bloody knife stick out of her head, she ended up just being a beautiful Renaissance Maiden in a poofy dress. Elisa went for the doubly gory costume as a two-headed monster … see if you can tell which one’s Elisa 🙂

Elisa @ the Halloween ParadeElisa @ the Halloween Parade IIElisa's on the left ... no, right.Gabriella the Fair MaidenGabriella's Big Butt

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