Birthday Celebrations

The beginning of summer is a busy time in the Macera family … lots of birthdays within weeks of each other. Nonna’s birthday is at the end of May, and Papa’s & Uncle Sal’s the beginning of June, and let’s not forget Elisa’s birthday, just a few days later!  So rather than creating several posts, I’ll combine them all in this one.

We celebrated Uncle Sal’s, Papa’s and Elisa’s birthday together, and Gabriella created a cake masterpiece to commemorate the occasion.

Gabriella's CreationElisa & Jessica do the honors

The next week, Elisa had her birthday party for her friends.  The theme was CAMP HALF-BLOOD, from the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series of books. The whole family worked hard to prepare the festivities which included arts & crafts, Percy Jackson trivia, and a Minotaur target practice with bow & arrow.  Of course, our resident baker, Gabriella, decorated the cake!

Minotaur Target PracticeGabriella's CakeBlowing out the candlesElisa & Friends

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