Some Photos

No one event to highlight – just thought I’d upload a few recent pics. The first is the new pergola that Papa finished this past weekend … now he’ll take some time off to recover, but the next project is looming! (hint: water feature 🙂 )

Yesterday, we took a trip to Ocean City again, and though it rained (very lightly) for a short while, the rest of the day was perfect, capped of with a trip to visit Lucy the Elephant in Margate, New Jersey.

Big SisterBig FatherHot MamaWelcome to LucyGabriella, Elisa & LucyLucy the Elephant, Margate, New Jersey

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2 Responses to Some Photos

  1. Alison says:

    The pergola looks like a great place to meditate and relax. Or have a party!

  2. Liesbet says:

    Fantastic photo of Elisa and Felice!!! Love it!!!

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