Gabriella’s Mad as a Hatter

Gabriella had her 11th Birthday Party yesterday, around the theme of Alice in Wonderland. She was “Alice” but she was also, mad as a Hatter – as were all of the girls in attendance! Participants had to enter through the rabbit’s hole at the front door, and attended a tea party with loose tea, in complimentary tea cups. Later they drank from a glass to make them shrink enough to get through the tiny door (a challenge for Papa to get through) into the master bedroom, where they watched the movie and retired (eventually) for a slumber party. The next morning they awoke to tea and muffins with eggs.

The Rabbit's ClockDown the Rabbit's HoleThe MAD Hatter

Always posingAn Animated Happy BirthdaySaved enough wind for the candles

Oma, bike riding after the party
After the party, Oma relaxes with a bike ride.

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