The ZOO with Zia & Nonno

On Friday, Zia (Rosaria) took the girls to the Philadelphia Zoo with Nonno, in celebration of his 81st birthday. The goal was to ride in the Channel 6 Balloon as well as ride the camels. Unfortunately, it was too windy for the balloon, and Nonno’s hip’s couldn’t get around the Camel’s back, but Zia & the girls were able to mount the beasts. They enjoyed every other activity offered there, and their high point was interacting with the gorilla who waved & blew kisses. Here are a few pictures (of the many) that Elisa took.

Gabriella, Nonno & ElisaNonno feeding the parrotElisa feeding the parrotGabriella feeding the parrotZia's New SuitorGabriella reflects the GorillasHow embarassing!An annoying, screaming bird

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  1. Zia says:

    Elisa, The photos are artistic and professional quality, especially those of the gorilla and orangutans. My new boyfriend appears to be very tall, but a little scaly, don’t you think? 😉

    To both girls, thank you for a wonderful day that Nonno and I will not forget.


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