Sylvia Comes to Ocean City

Gull in the Action* Warning, this post has graphic descriptions.

Gabriella’s best friend, Sylvia, joined us for our last trip to OC for the summer this past weekend, and we packed in as much excitement as we could. We started with an evening on the beach, with another golden sunset, followed by a moonlit walk on the beach while enjoying some Kessel’s Ice Cream 🙂

The next day we went crabbing where we came home with 2 crabs, and one EEL! Another family pulled up a 20″ long eel in their crab trap, and Papa wrestled it into our live-well. It was quite a struggle, and afterward, Papa was left with most of the eel’s skin stuck to his hands 🙁  The struggle continued when we got home, where three of us wrestled w/the eel to kill it (not an easy task) and flay the skin.  Even with the head removed, the body continued to wrap around Mama’s arm. (btw, it was delicious!) Later in the day we enjoyed some killer waves, and tons of sun.

Our last day we took Sylvia fishing, and living up to her name, she pulled in more fish than any of us. Collectively, the girls caught an eel, a spot, a robin fish, and a shark.  It was the shark that Sylvia wanted to catch, but unfortunately there was a gentleman in charge of the docks who thought he’d be ‘cute’ with it, and taunted her with the shark while Mama was taking a picture. The shark got his revenge by bleeding on Sylvia’s top, and put a damper on the rest of the outing.  We made up for it later in the day, with another great afternoon in the ocean.

Gabriella & SylviaGabriella & Sylvia Being SillyElisa, Gabriella & SylviaElisa in the golden sunElisa playing in the surfElisa's Fashion Pose

Mama Cleaning the EelNonno holding the SKINNED EelElisa's Beach ArtSylvia Squirms more than the Shark

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