Beautiful, “Beautiful”

On Sunday, Gabriella sang a wonderful version of Beautiful [ watch Christina Aguilera version ] to help support our church’s service on Transgender issues.  This is a wonderful song, with a powerful message, that stirs emotions in everyone.  Of course, we’re proud of our daughter’s performance, but even more proud, that our daughters get the […]

Gabriella’s Mad as a Hatter

Gabriella had her 11th Birthday Party yesterday, around the theme of Alice in Wonderland. She was “Alice” but she was also, mad as a Hatter – as were all of the girls in attendance! Participants had to enter through the rabbit’s hole at the front door, and attended a tea party with loose tea, in […]

Edgewood Vocal & Band Concert

Dance, music, she does it all! Along with the year-end Dance Recital, Gabriella had her 5th grade Chorus performance and Band Concert this month too. She lead the vocal concert off with some metallophone accompaniment and played her trumpet in a solo quartet to the Russian Sailors Dance.

Race for the Cure (part II)

Today, Gabriella, her Mom, and a small group from school, ran in Philly’s Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. As you already know, a classmate of Gabriella’s, Katelyn, lost her mother to breast cancer this year, and Gabriella was very committed in showing her support for her, and the cause, by running this race.  […]

Boston Tea Party

On Friday, May 7, Gabriella’s class performed a short play about the Boston Tea Party – for all you Belgians, it was an important event in the history of our country. Gabriella played the role of Honor Turner (a fictional character as far as I can make out). Who, along with a group of woman, […]

RACE for the CURE

On Mothers Day (May 9, 2010), Gabriella will be participating in the Race for the Cure in Philadelphia. She was inspired by her friend, Katleyn, whose mom died of breast cancer. She will be running it with her mom, teacher, Katleyn and other kids from her 5th grade class and will be dedicating her run […]

Haunted House

Gabriella turned in her “Haunted House” project on Monday … after slaving for the last few weekends on it. With lots of help from the rest of the family, Gabriella’s vision of her ‘ideal’ haunted house was realized in wood, clay and fabric. Note: No actual blood was shed for this project, but a lot […]

Gabriella’s Musical Theater Camp

For the 3rd year in a row, Gabriella participated in a “Musical Theater” camp. This years theme was Broadway Music. Our little Diva was fabulous, and this was definitely the best performance to-date. Even the “media” was there to document the event, and Gabriella and I were interviewed by a local paper – we’ll post […]

Gabriella’s B-day & 4th of July Weekend

July 3rd started with a “bang” … breakfast in bed for our new tienager! We then set out for an early day starting with bowling (actually, a belated event for Elisa’s birthday). After a rough start, everyone improved on their second game, with Papa reliving his glory days 🙂 and the girls doing their best […]

Gabriella’s 10th Birthday Party

On Saturday, Gabriella had her birthday party with 6 of her closest BFFs. Unfortunately, Papa was away in Wallenpaupack, PA, with Elisa at a softball tournament. Mama, however, did a great job in preparing for the party, including making aprons for all, and pre-cooking, with a lot of help from Gabriella, the cookies and cupcakes […]