School’s Out for the Summer

The first day of summer was the last day of school for the girls, and the last day of Elementary school for Gabriella.  She moves on to Middle School next year and we’re all ‘anticipating’ that new stage in our lives :)  Of course, both Elisa & Gabriella graduated with ‘honors,’ receiving the “Principle’s Award” and Gabriella received the “President’s Education Award” for her time at Edgewood Elementary.

During the last week of school, Gabriella performed in their MG class production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  The MG program was(is) the high point of the girls time at Edgewood, and the performance did not disappoint! Following the performance, all the MG classes celebrated the retirement of Mrs. Goldstein (one of the MG teachers), and Gabriella helped make & decorate the cake (Mama did all the behind the scenes preparation of the festivities).

A Misdummer Night's DreamA Misdummer Night's DreamWe're going to miss you, Mrs. GoldsteinMrs. Goldstein admires the cake

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