Adventures Through Disney

Once again, Gabriella attended a local Children’s Musical Theater camp, but this year, Elisa was old enough to join her. If you know Gabriella & Elisa, you know ‘drama’ is their forte 🙂 , and this year the director acknowledged Gabriella’s “star quality” and gave her one of the leading roles … Sneezy! Elisa enjoyed her supporting role, and did not flub here lines, even though one included “Trafalgar Square.” It was a great performance, capped with an animated closing dance number!

Gabriella Pre-PerformanceElisa Pre-PerformanceDig, Dig, Dig!Happy & SneezyAh, Ah, Ah ....... ChooooooElisa in the chorusMagic Carpet RideToppins (tuppence)Look, Over Yonder ...Sneezy, back with the other Dwarfs, including BobElisa - one of the backup dancersCelebratory DanceOur STARS!

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